Curious as to how it works when you schedule a tuneup with us?

Follow these simple steps and have your bike riding like new in no time

OK, so what’s included in a tuneup?

We'll be performing the following work on your bike:

Adjust gears and brakes (so it will shift and stop)
Lube drivetrain (so it won't squeak)
Minor wheel truing (making sure the wheels spin straight)
Adjust/tighten headset, bottom bracket, hubs and hardware
Wipe down frame and wheels
Inflate Tires to appropriate pressure

Any parts/work that are required above and beyond this will only be done with your approval.

Turn-around is about an hour, service fees start at $40 and I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. You can also offset your payment with BEER.  I offer a $10 "credit" per 6-pack (but it's gotta be something nice, go see our friends over at the Tuscan Market if you need ideas). I'll call you when I'm done and we'll set up a time for you to pick it back up.  Oh, and I'm happy to store your bike for one business day. After that, you'll owe me more beer.