Beers For Gears Testimonials

Wondering if a Beers For Gears Tuneup is worth it?  See what these folks had to say:

OK, let me just say this was about the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Robb was fantastic and was very welcoming from the moment I pulled into his driveway. I thought he was joking when he asked me if I wanted to come downstairs and watch as he performed the tune-up. I did and learned quite a bit about the whole process. He even swapped out the pedals and let me losen one myself. All in all this was a great experience and I know he did a great job because I got to watch with my own eyes. Well done! – Ken, Giant TCX

Robb was fantastic! He saved me from taking my son’s bike back to an expensive bike shop. Not only fixed the problem but gave the bike a total tune up. With a wild 10 year-old boy I know we will be back often. Thanks again for the quick service – Tracy, Trek MT220

Robb tuned two bikes for me about a month ago. I was super happy with the service. He fixed up my old bike in no time. You can tell he knows his way around a bike and is not afraid to show you. If you are looking for a smooth riding bike and a technician who is professional and friendly, this is your guy. – Scott, Specialized Rockhopper

What a great concept, great guy, and great service all for a great price! Robb turned around our 2 old, neglected bikes in 24 hours and we are on our first run-really enjoying being back in the saddle again! – Liz, Specialized Ground Control

Brought in a bike my wife picked up for free at a garage sale. I did what I could with it, but in the end I needed someone with skills to look at it.  Was about to take it in to my LBS and just wave goodbye to $65+, but then I somehow came across Beer for Gears. Robb was able to do so much more (for the bike than I could) for so much less than the LBS (almost half the price!), with same-day turnaround. I’ll for sure be bringing my commuter in the fall before I put it away for the winter. – Travis, Columbia Comfort Bike

Robb expertly replaced a worn and tired cassette and chain, aligned and tightened brakes, lubed cables and sent me on my way. And just in time, we headed out for 70 miler next day. Everything worked flawlessly. Highly recommend Robb for all your bike repair/maintenance needs. Great guy, and much better price point than your neighborhood bike shop. – Peter, Trek

I have a trek FX 7.3, and bought it in fall 2011, have loved it since, great purchase. Recently, the pedal was ‘slipping’ and ‘popping’ when I would have a more powerful stroke. It made riding frustrating and unenjoyable. My brother found Beers for Gears on Craigslist, at first I was skeptical, but his FB page assured me he was legit and at least worth checking out. Usually I am a DIYer, but this was the best $30 I have spent in a long time! The popping and slipping is the catalyst that made me bring in my bike, as I thought that’s all that needing fixing. However, it was somewhat a blessing in disguise, as a lot of what Robb fixed, I didn’t realize needed to be fixed as over time, you forget that brand new bike feel. My bike rides soooo smooth now, both with my pedal strokes, shifting and braking. I feel more efficient with my pedaling, it cruises so effortlessly like it felt when I first bought it 4 years ago. My boss pays $135 for a tune up at a snobby bike shop, what a rip! Robb used to work at a shop and does the same professional quality work! What’s cool to is you can hangout with him as he fixes your bike, and tells you what is wrong and why/how he is fixing it. No need to drop off and a second trip to pick up. I was done in 20 minutes. I will be bringing my fiancee’s and brother’s bike in and for this price, definitely annual tune ups for myself. – Marty, Trek 7.3 FX

I had my bike tuned up at a local bike shop for $80 and noticed about two weeks later the chain would slip and skip gears if I put much power into the pedals. I stumbled on Robb’s page and I’m glad I did! I texted him in the afternoon and took my bike to him that same day. (Wait.. I dont have to be without my bike for two weeks?) For $30 he tuned the bike bottom to top and even showed me how do to lots of it myself. About an hour later I was off with my bike! Since that tuneup I’ve put several hundred miles on the bike and it feels brand new.
He’s really got something good going you can pay him in beer!! – Ryan, Cannondale Slice